Blue cave hot springs Pipa’s Yu – Rin Kan

In the lush woods, relax and have a moment of relaxation.

Hot spring resort standing on a hill with good view of Hokkaido, Yuyu ~ Rin Kaen of Pipa.
The space of peace and warmth with a feeling of openness is expanded in the lush nature.

Three charm welcomes you.

In the natural hot springs, you can spend a relaxing space relaxing while immersing in plenty of mineral ingredients, and in the cave outdoor bath it will light up in blue and create a fantastic atmosphere at night.
In the room, there are three types of rooms tailored to your taste as a space to heal tiredness of the trip and there are rooms with Japanese style room and Western room with outdoor bath, room with cycle hanger for cyclists.
And colorful rich western-style kitchen table with local ingredients and so on, you can have dinner where you can fully enjoy the grace of the seasons and sea everywhere.


Blue cave hot springs Pipa’s Yu – Rin Kan
Address Hokkaido Biba City 3 Higashimakecho 3 wards
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