“Bibai Sakura” Festival

Tomei Park: One of Bibai’s Tourist Attractions

“Bibai Sakura” is held as cherry trees blossom to herald the coming of spring. We offer music and events themed on cherry blossoms, and where better to enjoy this than Sorachi’s one and only celebrated spot for cherry blossoms.

This event has continued every year since 1997. It started as “The Bibai Cherry Festival,” spreading the fame of Tomei Park’s cherry blossoms far and wide. There are all sorts of events in a festival atmosphere, and these visitors’ memories add to the park’s celebrity.

Cherry Blossoms and Traditional Japanese Dance Share the Stage

Eight years later, in “Bibai Sakura 2005,” in order to have our guests enjoy the real beauty of cherry blossoms, the title was changed as we made cherry blossoms the heart of the event. At its finale, we launch fireworks during Mr. Hanayanagi Narusuke’s “Sakura Dance.”
*Unfortunately, Mr. Hanayanagi’s “Sakura Dance” has not been offered since 2011.

At the same time as we reached a turning point in this event, we started the “Sakura Road Project”. With Tomei Park as a central tourist attraction, we inaugurated a “Beautiful Cherry Tree Planting Ceremony” at the same as we held “Bibai Sakura”. This was established to get the name Bibai out via Cherry Blossoms.


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