#02 Discover Photogenic Bibai You’ll want to post it on social media.

1. Kan Yasuda Sculpture Museum *Arte Piazza Bibai*

Why not take your first shot at Arte Piazza Bibai, its art and nature making it a most popular attraction?


2. Caffé Arte

Next, let’s go get some coffee and look for some photogenic scenes at “Cafe Arte” on the grounds. You’ll find that the sculptures take on a whole new aspect once you see them from the inside of the cafe. You can sit outside if the weather is nice.

→Caffé Arte

3. Juraku Restaurant

Back downtown, it’s time for lunch! Here at “Juraku Restaurant” they have a large selection of Japanese, Western, and original dishes. We can say fare is not only tasty but also worth a photo.

→Juraku Restaurant

4. Sorachi Shrine

After a delicious meal, stop by the Sorachi Shrine nearby. It’s surrounded by centuries-old trees and experience Shinto firsthand! You can even make a natural stone bracelet. Please enjoy the story telling by the shrine’s priest- you’ll also want to post your photos of the sacred atmosphere on social media.
*Bracelet making program (Reservation required)

→Sorachi Shrine

5. Cafe STOVEN

At the end of this trip, let’s visit “Cafe STOVEN.” The ingredients are of the finest quality and locally made, the bread is a must to eat-in or take away. Their coarse breads straight from the oven are a must for your photo album, too!

→cafe STOVEN


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